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This is the website for the robotics team that I’m on. It’s a large WordPress site with a custom theme coded by our website team (which I lead today) a few years ago. It has nearly 1000 pages and 2000 pictures on the site – a very large site indeed!

My team and I update the site with new content (new students, new photos, blog posts, etc.). I also keep everything in working order, particularly regarding the theme (which is not compatible with Gutenberg and other new WordPress features); and gradually introduce new features to the site. For instance, I recently integrated custom post types into the site, reducing the time needed for basic data entry tasks (like creating new student pages) dramatically.

In the future, I plan to either rewrite the theme to adhere to modern standards, or even transition to a headless model where the WordPress install serves only as an API for a JAMStack-based frontend.

Published October 24, 2021

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