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Project: Trojan Research Association Website

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Trojan Research Association is a registered student organization at the University of Southern California that seeks to make research matching better. We recognize that students find it intimidating to “cold-email” faculty members in search of research positions, while faculty members find it too time-consuming to find students to fill research positions. Trojan Research Association mitigates these issues by providing matching as a service - students can apply to be matched to a position in our pool of positions with partnered faculty members at USC.

As part of Trojan Research Association, I deployed a WordPress-based site to advertise the club to prospective students and the USC community. I had the unique challenge of bootstrapping a WordPress site for non-technical, non-designer users to edit content and design on. In response to this requirement, I deployed ElegantThemes’ Divi Builder, a drag-and-drop site builder for WordPress. I currently maintain the infrastructure for the site, administer the Divi Builder installation, and provide design input, while other organization members manage content and page structure.

Published January 01, 2023

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